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A little about myself


Hi there! My name is Jonathan Koole, a native Aruban and beach fanatic!

I have been working as a freelance web developer for 5+ years now and over those years have worked with and met many wonderful people. Besides the fact that I like to meet new people and visit new places I’m also very self-motivated, enjoy working with a team or alone and deliver quality work.

I started as a freelancer because I enjoy developing, designing and realizing client’s wishes and transform them into the dream website the client is looking for. Besides the fun this job brings with it it’s also a constant learning process due to rapid development of new technologies.

My freelance career started with the basics, learning CSS & HTML and creating static websites. After a while I felt limited so I started learning and using PHP. In combination with javascript/jQuery this broadened my workflow and gave me the possibility to develop dynamic, more complex websites for my clients.

After some time, I was limited again due to the fact that today’s content is ever changing and is updated on a regular basis. This is when & where I started experimenting with WordPress and instantly fell in love with their CMS. Not only is it a valuable addition to my workflow, it is also an easy to use and recommended tool for my clients to keep their website up to date, hassle free!

Well, now you know a little more about me and if you feel like having a random chat with me to get to know more, have any questions or want to work together please don’t hesitate to contact me.


– Jonathan

My services


When we work together on your project we work until you are satisfied with the end result. That’s simply the quality and support you can expect from me.


Nowadays people’s most personal item is their mobile phone. I develop responsive websites, meaning that your website will be displayed correctly on all mobile devices to propel your professional business.


I develop using the latest standards & best practices to display your website in the top search results. This is exactly what you need to be found quickly on the internet.


Quality over quantity. Your website is your extended business card and deserves the best quality. This is exactly how I will design and develop your dream website.

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